Monday, June 14, 2010


This year in this class has been really fun. I don't think there was one time when it was boring in this class. I thought that a lot of the things that you taught us was interesting and fun and I hope next year is the same way. When I found out that we were acting out Romeo and Juliet instead 0f just reading it to ourselves I was thrilled. I also think that if we would have done it that way we wouldn't have understood the book at all.

World Hunger

There is nothing worse than seeing thousands of children and adults starve to death and die everyday because of hunger. While you get what you need and eat dinner every night and breakfast and lunch somewhere in the world there is a family suffering and trying to survive off of very little or no food. This horrible thing can be prevented by helping out and donating food and money towards donation places and adopting children from different countries. In my opinion I think that in all the different places and counties that are suffering people our country should help and I want to do whatever I can when I am older to help sick children and adults. I think everyone should make an effort of thinking about other people out there. When I see wealthy people that get whatever they want and stick there noses up to people in need it makes me sick.

Poetry Friday

I think that poetry friday has greatly affected me and how I write my poems and I am very glad we got to do that this year. Instead of learning about a normal poem we got to learn and see different kinds of poems you can write. We also learned about great poets and there life and how they expressed how they felt about this world and there life and it really came out good. We also learned about books that are poems on each page. I loved doing the poems because I thought we could really put what we were feeling and our emotions into the poems.

Title: Life in prison
Author: Stanley "Tookie" Williams

This story takes place in the notorious San Quentin prison. "Tookie" tells the hard times of having to be in prison for the rest of his life and being on death row and how that effects others. He was involved in a gang as a teenager and wants nothing more but to help other teens in making the right decisions about life and being in gangs. When you read this story you will be greatly appreciated with the home you have you will learn how prison can greatly effect your life and others. I recommend teenagers to read this book because it really takes an effect on you and teaches you to not brake the law. This book is a very short read but there is a lot you learn. When you read this book it's in the form where "Tookie" is talking and is the narrator of the story. Here is a quote that he said in his book about being alone in a cell: "To get a feel for what it's like to live in a prison cell, test yourself. Spend ten hours nonstop alone in your bathroom".