Friday, December 18, 2009


He Belive's
she disagrees
He's in jail.
She says he robbed.
He says shes wrong
Shes in his face
there he waits
pen and paper.
awaiting his verdict
on trial for murder
looking to find a way.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Nobody heard about the tulip that grew
in silence popping up out of the green grass
alone proving nature's law
in the field breathing the new found breeze
long live the tulip changing alone
as the rain seeps through the grass
it grows

Monster Vocab

What we did was we worked in partners and we each got a vocab word. When we got our word which was community we had to define the word and act it out. We thought of a town or a state, like our community has lots of people. We also thought of people gathering around and interacting. We also had to act out what our word was and everybody in our classroom had to guess what our word was based on what we did but we couldn't talk.

The book we are reading is called Monster. It's about a boy who is accused of murder. He says he is guilty so we thought of how the man in the story's community and town relates to our word. But we think his community is a lot different from ours because of the large population of gangs and violence that cannot relate to our town or community because it's very calm, friendly and peaceful.