Tuesday, January 5, 2010

21 Years. :O

I don't think I could live. I'm not trying to make people feel bad for me but if I was put in jail for something I did or something I wasn't even involved with I could not stand to not see outside and to not see my brothers and sisters. I would especially miss my family and all it has to offer. I mean what if I was in jail for that long and my mother or father died? I don't think I could bare it. Nothing in the world could ever replace my family. I would also miss out on everything, college, being married having kids. Even being an aunt. I can't even think of how scared I would be. Over time it would change me, I would be a different person. If I had been charged with murder or even robbery, I can't think of what my little sisters would think of me and how that would reflect on their lives.

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