Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clothing and fashon

Clothing and Fashion:

Some of the clothing that they wore back then were kind of similar to what we wear now. Men and women had the same kind of style.

Tankard: A drinking mug that they wear on there sides

Shirts: They had long sleeves and they were normal colors

Capes: It’s like a cloak, it it decorated with different colors and shapes

Cloak: Hooded and often goes all the way down to your feet, designed for warmth

Muffin Cap: A floppy garment with a loose top

Biggins: It keeps the head warm, like a hat some of the hats that children where.

Back then they thought that all of these colors for there clothing were symbolic:

  • red for blood and passion,
  • yellow for the sun, and optimism,
  • white for purity,
  • black for death, evil, and depression.

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