Thursday, March 11, 2010

Women's fashion in the 1930's

The women from the 1930's wore dresses around the house to clean and stuff it was called a regular house dress. They had lots of details like ruffles and bows, buttons and they can be worn to work or to a date. Question #1. Do we wear things they wore in the 1930's in our holds? The answer to that question is no. People now a days don't really wear dresses to work sometimes they do but never at home on a regular basis. Question #2. What kind of hats did they wear and are the similar ? The kind of hats that they wear and not very popular now. Because they have made more popular different hats. The hats they had were head hugging snug hats that were very popular that were soft and slim. Question #3. What kind of coats did they wear? The coats they wore were two piece suites. The suits looked like men wore them but they did have some feminine touches to them like flattering bright colors on the linings and had some shapes too.

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